Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wheres the Summer Holidays gone?

It happened last year and its happened this year. Someone tells you you'll have four months off from Uni for Summer you think 'YES!' but is it really a reasonable amount of time to have off from Uni?

Yes I've kept myself busy but I think about going back to Uni and I feel brain dead! Feel I have no inspiration! It's like taking a kid out of school for four months and telling them to remember everything and go back as normal with as many ideas.

But anyway, I wasn't going to sit around for four months moaning and doing nothing! Although I've been naughty and just realised I haven't done a blog since January! Woops! So I'm going to start again and reflect on what I have done this summer and think of ideas for future Photography projects :)

Some achievements this summer, I have Photographed my first event. As many Photographers will know, it is a scary thought of having the responsibility to photograph an event. But I did it! Becki Short created the event 'The Mad Hatters Charity Tea Party' which took place on Castle Fields, Southsea, Portsmouth. The event raised money for Cystic Fibrosis. On a beautiful sunny day, Saturday 21st July, the event took place and there were cupcakes, ice cream, intricate items for sale, etc! The day was enjoyed by adults and children (many little girls were dressed up as Alice, SO CUTE). It was also a big experience for me as I had dipped my toes into different waters and it has made me prepared for photographing more and more events.

Becki has made a website saying about the cause and all the people that helped at the event, .. some of my Photographs are also featured on the website.

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