Saturday, December 21, 2013

Looking over this year...

I've always wanted a non structural life. 
I've been brought up seeing people go to school, go to college, meet someone, get married, have kids and work for the rest of their life. Inevitably we all have to go to school and college but I never wanted the things that people did afterwards. 
At the age of 14, I wrote down in a diary all the things I wanted to achieve before I settled down. And looking over things, I have achieved some of those ambitions but even some that weren't on the list and all done in the space of a year.
This year I graduated from University. I achieved a 2:1 in Photography which I was pleased about. I knew I wanted to go on to do Photography and not choose a different path like a lot of people on my course.
So in April, I started looking for Photography jobs. I knew I wanted to get out of Portsmouth (as I'd lived there my whole life). I applied to be a Cruise Ship Photographer. 
I'd always wanted a job that enabled me to travel as I never wanted to have an office job. This job was everything I wanted. Photography and Travel. 

I got the job and I did a tiny bit of travelling before travelling!

I went to Alabama to go to my Brother and his now Wife's wedding (she lives there). We went to Montgomery and I have never met such friendly people! Everyone we met had such kind souls and were so happy to meet an English person! 

In Montgomery, we went to a F. Scott & Zelda Fitzgeralds home. I am a massive fan of The Great Gatsby and I was so happy to go to there house and learn about the two of them. The man in there was so knowledgable about them and the paintings Zelda did I found very interesting too. 

It was an amazing holiday and we also visited Gulf Shores and Atlanta which were also two beautiful places! 

Four days after America I went to Amsterdam with my best friend Eleanor. I also absolutely loved it there! I loved that there were so many canals and everyone went round on bikes. We chilled out mainly here and did what any 21 year old would do in Amsterdam! But we also went to the Anne Frank Museum which I found truly fascinating! 
We also got some bikes out and went cycling around Amsterdam which I'd been wanting to do for ages! 

We spent three days in Amsterdam and the next week, I graduated...

I also got told that I would be joining Aurora three days after my Graduation!

(See about Aurora on my last blog).

Overall, it has been an amazing year and I have been to around 40 different places in the world. 
I've learnt a lot about myself. I've learnt that I like life fast paced and that I also do enjoy the company of others but I also really need time to myself quite a lot. 

Someone once asked me on the ship why I liked going out in Ports by myself and I described it as "I like to enjoy places and if I'm with someone that doesn't share the same interest then you can't appreciate and enjoy the place as much". 

I've also learnt that my happiness doesn't lie within the UK and so after Ship life I will be travelling the world and after that moving somewhere else :). 

AND... that I don't want my life to be structured. I want to be young, selfish and see the world :). 

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