Thursday, September 29, 2011

Introduction to Project and use of blogs

Today was my first lesson of Project Management of the semester. First of all we were introduced to our aims and outcomes of what is expected of us for this unit, which is to organise an exhibition and present our documentary practises 'Territory' photographs within the exhibiton. We were also told that the exhibition could be presented in various creative ways that can differ from the 'White Cube' exhibitions that don't quite show off the meaning of our work. To get us all into the beginning thought processes of how we would present our photographs in a different way, we were shown various photographers who exhibit their work outside of the 'white cube' in ways such as in the streets, through shop windows and also using places such as abandoned buildings to show their work in. 

We were shown Doug Aitkens work which in particular fascinated me as he displayed his work on buildings.

We then had a talk from Level 3 students, who talked about their experience from Level 2 and gave us some inspiration and guided us on how we should go about planning our exhibitons. 

We were then all told to get into four groups of 15 and in our group of 15 people, discuss how we would go about organising our exhibiton, how we would manage our group and give roles to individual people so everyone is included, what type of space we would use and how we would go about getting the space for the exhibiton and how we would publicise it. We had twenty minutes to get into a group of 15 and then brainstorm all our ideas.

I got into a group with the following members : John, Justyna, Chris, Lauran V, Victoria Z, Lily, Claudia, Tyran and Bill. Here is the brainstorm of ideas that we created ...

 Our group really liked the idea of setting up an exhibition in Gunwharf and the dockyard. Therefore, we assigned John to get in contact with Gunwharf to see if we could eventually set up an exhibition there.

Bill then agreed that he would contact his past landlords to see if the group could rent out a house to hold the exhibiton in. Justyna and myself also said that we could contact a few housing agencies and see if this was possible.

Victoria also agreed to set up a Facebook group so that all members of our group could contact each other about ideas and to organise meeting times. 

After presenting our ideas to the other groups we decided we needed to look more into funding and how we could publicise the exhibition. So therefore, we organised a meeting date of Monday afternoon to discuss our ideas further.

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