Friday, October 7, 2011

First Meeting 3/10/11

For our first meeting, our group ran through the points that we discussed on our first getting together to organise the exhibition. We agreed that John would look into exhibiting at Gunwharf and Bill would also look into properties that we could display our work in or any other locations. Here is the feedback that we had from John and Bill...
 John spoke to John Sackett at Gunwharf about using the Waterside property however, they are looking for long term rentals. It may not be possible to use this facility but emails can be sent out with enquiries.  
John also spoke to Graham at the dockyard museum about using the location there however, no success due to the gates closing at a certain time. 
John also contacted Fratton Park however, the location needs to be rented and therefore alot of fundraising would need to be done.
Bill looked into exhibiting with Canalside properties in which this could be possible. Bill also contacted housing agencies to see if there were any properties to display our work in however, access could be an issue due to small hallways. Kings Church was also looked into and this would be possible however, the cost of renting may be high and the content of our images may be too risky to display in a church.
Tyran also contacted the round tower and square tower which would be a perfect setting to display our images in. We are waiting for costs of renting out the space and which dates are available to do the exhibition as there are weddings etc going on around the same time. 
 As a group, we also discussed other possible locations such as South Parade pier. Fortunately, I have worked there before so have the managers number so I can therefore text him and ask for his email to discuss about renting the space out.
Some other points we discussed in our meeting was that we all needed a fair share of organising the exhibition. We therefore assigned each other to research certain points that needed to be done in order to create and further the exhibition. Here is what each person got assigned to...
Locations – John, Bill and Tyran
Publicity – Justyna and Viktorija
Online – Lauran and Chris
Fundraising – Lauren Whatling
Audience and Community- Lily and Claudia
I was assigned to do the fundraising for the exhibition so I shall therefore email local businesses and find ways to raise money for the exhibition. 

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