Friday, October 7, 2011


For my part in the exhibition, I volunteered to help get fundraising. I therefore came up with some ideas of businesses to email such as Waitrose and Co-op. 

                                  However, I had been emailed a couple of days before about a Photograph that I had displayed in Guildhall in April to be displayed in St Mary's hospital in November. The exhibition was set up by the League of Friends who I thought would be great to contact about helping us out with our exhibition. I therefore emailed the League of Friends but am still waiting for a reply. Here is the email that I have sent them...                  

Dear Alison,

For my second year in Photography at the University of Portsmouth, we are required to organise an exhibition to show our current project photographs in. I am in a group of 10 people and I am assigned to gain funding towards the exhibiton. I was wondering whether I could gain any funding from the League of Friends to help us fund our exhibiton. The money would help us to get a space to show our work and also to provide food and drink for our opening night.

Many Thanks again,

I also sent an email to Waitrose in Southsea as I discovered that they give away 1000 to good causes in Portsmouth every month. We are not asking for that amount of money but I thought it would be a good idea to get in contact to see if we could get a small percentage of that money for our exhibition. Here is the email that I sent...

Dear Madam or Sir,

I am a Photography student in my second year at the University of Portsmouth. For our Level 2 Brief, we are required to create a piece of photographic work which explores the photographic representation of territories. We are also required to work in a group and find a venue in Portsmouth to exhibit our photographs in. To do this, we have to research venues and how much it would cost to rent the space out. To help with the costs of getting a venue, we are trying to gain support from any local businesses that could help with funding the exhibition. As my family shop at Waitrose in Southsea everyday, they have told me that the store give away £1000 to three different causes every month. We are not asking for that amount of money, just a small percentage of that to fund our costs for renting out a venue, printing our work, and food and drink for our exhibition that will be held at a venue in Portsmouth. We are also making posters for the exhibition and therefore we could put the Waitrose logo on our posters displaying that you have sponsored our exhibition, if you wish to. Please let us know if you could fund us.

Many Thanks,
Lauren Whatling

I also had to contact South Parade Pier about using their venue. I sent a text to Wayne and he gave me his email address in which I sent him this email...

Hello Wayne,

I am a student at the University of Portsmouth studying Photography in my second year. For our first second year project, we have been assigned to find a location to display our first projects work in. I have worked as a Waitress at South Parade Pier before and admired the space in the venue and also that it attracts alot of visiters. Therefore, South Parade Pier would be a great place to hold the exhibition as it is spacious and would hold alot of people for our exhibition. We would need the space around november/december time. Please let us know if this would be possible and if so, how much would the venue cost to rent out.

Many Thanks,
Lauren Whatling

Wayne replied with this email...

Hi Lauren,
Which date would be best for you & how long would you want the room for? We have quite a few events November/December time, Just need to check we have it free. Would you want the big room (Gaiety)? Or the smaller room (Albert)? How many people will be exhibiting?
Thanks, Wayne.

This would be a great opportunity to exhibit there so I therefore have replied saying that we need the big room and asked how much it would cost to rent this space.

I also thought about how much money I had made from selling bits and pieces on Ebay over the summer and this would be a fun and easy way to get money for our exhibition. I therefore need to ask members of my group to search for old clothes etc for me to sell on ebay.



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