Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What have I been doing to help with the exhibition?

Well, my part to play in the exhibition is to help with Funding. As I am very addicted to Ebay, I have decided to sell some unwanted items of mine on there and have asked all the other members of my group to also give me some of their unwanted stuff so I can sell it on there :).

I ended up selling a few bits and pieces and made £17 out of it! Woop! Victoria then brang me in a perfume to put on there and it ended up selling for £5!

Justyna also gave me some books and jewellery to sell...       

And Chris also gave me an item to sell :)

I also contacted Denise Callender asking whether she knew anyone we could contact for fundraising. She kindly emailed back with this reply...

Hi Lauren
Professional Practice fund I mentioned today, workshop is shown in link below 26 Oct and compulsory attendance for all applications for funding.  p.s. I enjoyed the presentations.
 Kind Regards
Denise Callender
CCi Promotions Manager

This requires a pitch made by the whole group about our exhibition and the team will then decided whether we get special funding or not. We are still debating whether we have time to do this.     

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