Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Well yesterday and today I have been printing my final images for the project. I have decided to print 20x16 on Fibre Based Paper.

Printing on fibre based paper is a much longer process than resin coated paper. The paper has to be developed for two minutes, stop bath for one minute, fixed for 10 minutes and washed for 30 minutes minimum. To dry the prints, you have to use a drum dryer which takes half an hour to warm up before you can use it.

The process is long and the paper is pricey but fibre based paper gives beautiful deep blacks and whites compared to resin coated paper. It also gives more of an 'artistic' feel to the image as if it is a piece of fine art. This is why I chose the fibre based paper for my final prints as I want my images to look delicate and like art pieces.

I also feel using the fibre based paper has improved my printing skills as I have spent many days trying to perfect my printing on the paper! I have alot more patience and knowledge within the darkroom now because of this!

Here are some of the prints I have produced in the darkroom over the past two days...

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