Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mark Hilton Photography

So another thing I have done recently is help Mark Hilton out with his photography project. For Mark's final project, he built a 20x16 camera that uses direct positive paper to photograph onto.

Mark asked me to model for his last shoot and I jumped at the idea as I was so interested in watching the process and being part of it too.

The process is long but it is fascinating. He had to set up the camera, the lights and then put me into the correct pose in which I then had to hold for the 40 second exposure (staying as still as I could). Mark then went and developed the image in the darkroom and it is great seeing the end result after all of his hard work!

Here is the image he took of me...

It is a breath of fresh air to see a project that uses such a traditional way of Photographing. So much care, thought and time has been put into making the photograph perfect. It is also nice to spend more than a few seconds setting up a photograph!

Mark has also photographed four other models for his project which can be seen on his website and blog. Go and check out his work! Here are the links to them below...

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