Friday, April 12, 2013

The Great Gatsby and April Vogue

So next month I will see my favourite book of all time, 'The Great Gatsby' by F.Scott Fitzgerald, on the big screen.
'The Great Gatsby' has been my favourite book since I studied it at college in English Literature. The book looks at America in the 1920's and how extravagantly the rich lived. Fitzgerald uses colour to describe Gatsby's loud and vibrant parties, especially using the colour yellow. Aswell as this, Fitzgerald also explores the loneliness of the rich, through the character Gatsby.
He also contrasts the poor to the rich using the colours grey to describe the life of the character Wilson, who works in a Garage.
My favourite character in the book has to be Gatsby. Gatsby is a mysterious character who throws his parties hoping that one day Daisy will turn up to one of them and remember who he is. Gatsby has alot of secrets and many that come to his beautiful parties do not even know him or have never seen what he looks like.
The book, has stayed with me since I first read it. I have read over it many of times after and the book gets more and more intriguing every time I read it.
Anyway, when I first heard that Baz Luhrmann (Director of Moulin Rouge and Romeo and Juliet) had made 'The Great Gatsby' into a film, I was over the moon! The characters are played by the right actors, Leonardo DiCaprio as Gatsby will be amazing!

This leads me on to talk about Midnight in Paris. The other day I brought the April edition of Vogue and came across the article about 'Beautiful & Damned'. The article talks about Zelda Fitgerald, the wife of F.Scott Fitzgerald. It says she was "beautifully dressed, witty, extravagant and unafraid" and goes on to talk about the life of Zelda.
One part of the article caught my attention mainly because it had the word Paris in it and that always catches my attention. The paragraph explained how the film 'Midnight in Paris' had Zelda Fitzgerald and F.Scott Fitzgerald in it played by Alison Pill and Tom Hiddleston.
I turned to my brother and asked if he had the film which fortunately he did. So we watched it.
The film spoke about 'Golden Ages' and 'the past'. I found this related very well to my current project about my Grandmother and Grandfathers garden. The film was basically saying, in order to understand your future, you must look to the past but not get lost in it.

The film was beautiful not just because it was set in Paris but it was an interesting film, which kept going back in time to help the main character to write his novel. And I think I totally related to it as I always look back in order to help me creatively. I think Photographers should look at films more as well as looking at other photographers work as after I watched this film, I had alot of ideas in my mind! I recommend that you all watch this film and The Great Gatsby when it comes out!

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