Friday, October 19, 2012

Brad Pitt in Chanel No 5 Advert

Working around Perfume advertisements, you can see where my interest in Celebrity and the image comes from. Every time I'm at work I am selling a dream to someone, I am telling them that this brand is good, this celebrity perfume is good. And most of the time, they only buy the perfume because they are huge fans of the Celebrity who has 'created' the product.

I was so interested in this concept that I wrote my two last essays on it and for my dissertation, I am looking into Celebrity power further (and I am also doing my Set Brief project on Celebrity). To me, Celebrity brings a weakness to people. We give our money, our hopes and dreams to be near our chosen Celebrities by buying what has their face on it and going to see them in Concerts. If I sold perfume with a normal bottle, no shape or design, just wrapped in a plain white box with just the ingredients on the front, no advertisements; I think the industry wouldn't be rolling in billions of pounds!

Unfortunately that would never happen as Brands and Celebrities sell so much! A recent addition to perfumes is Lady Gaga's 'Fame' which has been selling alot as people love Lady Gaga and will have something weird and wonderful of hers, even if it was toilet roll with her face printed on it! But the one that still gets sold incredibly well is Justin Biebers fragrances (he now has two), every single little girl and teenage girl that comes in wants to have Justin Bieber's 'Girlfriend' Fragrance. They think, if I buy his fragrance, I will be more respected by my friends and it will take them that one bit closer to Justin.

Another interesting advertisement that has came out is the new Chanel No 5 advert. Normally Women's fragrances have women advertising them and Men's fragrances have men advertising them. But Chanel had to be different. Women from Nicole Kidman to Audrey Tautou have been the face of Chanel No 5 but now the new face is Brad Pitt - The first man to advertise a Women's perfume.

Although Chanel No 5 has been the best seller ever since it was released, it didn't need a boost in the market. However, Chanel have been very clever here and have gained even more publicity as people will see the advert and talk about how Brad is advertising and we will have debates on it therefore, it will be even more well known. And then people will come into the shop to see what all the fuss is about Chanel No 5, gaining more profit and more recognition.

I think this is also a turn in advertising as the debate of men always overpowering women in perfume adverts always comes about. So in this advert is man taking over woman because they are telling women what perfume to wear?

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