Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Set Brief idea

For my Set Brief project, I am looking at why people hide behind the persona of someone famous (tribute bands, acts and lookalikes). I have always been fascinated with why people are fascinated with celebrity. Growing up looking at magazines and wanting to copy Jennifer Aniston's hair style or be one of the spice girls, I have been there and wanted to be a celebrity myself or be the idea of a celebrity. We have all wanted to be a celebrity, be friends with one or look like one. Whoever denies it is lying.

I continually look around me while I'm walking around through town or am on the bus and at least every 10 seconds I am reminded of celebrity. Perfume adverts, Make up adverts, Clothing lines by Celebrities, films etc. They are everywhere. Switch on the teley and they are there. A program that I find is obsessed with celebrity or the idea of being ridiculously famous is X Factor. I was watching the auditions earlier last month and a Pink Tribute act came onto the stage Zoe Alexander. She looked like pink and had the stage attitude pink had. She claimed she was told to sing Pink. Another tribute act was on a few episodes later, Lorna Bliss, Britney Spears impersonator. She looked exactly like Britney but instead went completely over the top and she claimed that 'I just love being on TV, I just want to be on TV all the time you know'. Was she in it for the joy of becoming someone else to be able to achieve her own musical career or just in it for the fame and money?

It came to me whilst watching these two women striving for fame and fortune as impersonators, that I wanted to find out why they wanted to become someone else on stage, why they wanted to not use their own personalities. Therefore my project is going to be dedicated to finding this out. I will contact tribute bands, artists, lookalikes and photograph them whilst also asking them a few questions.

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