Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Limehouse Lizzy

My first shoot I did about a month ago now (its taken a while for me to blog about it!). I photographed Limehouse Lizzy, a Thin Lizzy tribute band. It was all abit last minute as I just found out they were playing at the Wedgewood rooms the next day so I had to think of ways I could photograph them really quickly and think of some questions quickly too.

I arrived at the Wedgewood rooms at half 5 on 28th September. The band arrived and I was abit shy at first but the band soon made me feel welcome and I soon starting asking questions about how and why they got into the band and what they enjoy about being in the band. Wayne (The lead singer) told me that he'd always been told he looked like Phil Lynott (lead singer of Thin Lizzy) and once at a gig he'd played Thin Lizzy songs and someone told him that his performance was a great tribute to Thin Lizzy. Tim Read (guitar player) who also teaches the guitar, told me that he loved to inspire a new generation to become musicians.

They were very professional, especially Wayne, he told me the band was more like a business, saying that people don't just come to hear the Thin Lizzy songs but respect their own personalities as a band. I soon learnt this when the Wedgewood rooms filled up and the band started playing. They played with every single piece of energy within them.

Here are some of the photographs that I took that night for my project:

Here is a link to there website

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