Monday, October 29, 2012

Tim Walker: Story Teller Exhibition

I went up to London on Saturday to have a little look around London and to Photograph the Tribute Band Oasish in Watford in the evening. So I had a look on websites etc to see what exhibitions were going on in London that I could go and see, but most of them weren't anything to do with my project and I find some of their subject matters a bit dull. 

So when I saw a tweet on facebook by Topshop saying about the Tim Walker exhibition on at Somerset House, I was so excited! Tim Walker has always been my favourite photographer and his work is thoughtful and beautiful and really does tell a story.

So me and my boyfriend went to see the exhibition on Saturday, and although my boyfriend doesn't do photography, he was as amazed as I was at the creativeness of Tim's work.

The way Tim's exhibition was set out, truley told a story. The walls were white but the images rich in pastel colours. The images each were creative, displaying a beautiful model in an old, delicate room with massive, wonderfully made props. The rooms would have the props that were used in the photograph so you could see the size and detail of them. One room was painted a dark grey and had huge bug props in the middle of the room, which looked creepy but beautiful. 

My favourite room was the room with the huge doll inside it as I have a fascination with dolls, I love how beautiful they are, frozen in there youthful state. 

The room was painted white and had the images of the model and doll around the room. The images looked eery but amazing as you wonder how long it took to take the doll to the location and get it in the right position! You also wonder how long it took to make the doll!

Overall, I came out of the exhibiton in complete awe. Tim Walker's work truley told a story and you always wonder what he will come up with next. 

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