Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Tribute Band Project

So going back to my Tribute Band Project, since talking about the X Factor contestants that went on as tribute acts, I have since researched alot more into artists and bands that I could gain ideas from and contacted bands that I could photograph.

I have looked into the work of Alison Jackson who brings stories that you wish you could see in the papers, to life. She uses lookalikes to pose as celebrities doing funny things, which I think is genius and some of the lookalikes, you couldnt tell apart from the real celebrities!

I love how she positions the lookalikes in these unrealistic situations, making celebrity abit more down to earth and funny.

Another photographer I have been looking at is Cindy Sherman. Cindy dresses up as different characters and takes photographs of her doing this. She portrays different roles that women take up in life, displaying that all women are different and have hidden characters within themselves that they don't always display to everyone.

 These artists/photographers display something within their work that I find very interesting; Masquerade. The idea of becoming someone else, that thought that we all have at one point in our lives 'What would it be like to become someone else for a day?'. They both have managed to portray characters in their work and as in Alison's work, she has given work for the lookalikes, making them famous for being 'someone else'. Whereas in Cindy's work she portrays different characters that aren't famous but she feels comfortable becoming them. She talks about how the characters she played actually mimicked the ways she has portrayed herself at some point in her own life.

I have taken from their work that you need to be clever with your ideas if you are portraying 'someone else' through a real ordinary person. In my work, I want to portray tribute bands as dressing up as the real band. I want to ask them why they do it and what they get out of it. Why do you want to become someone else?

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